ChiEvs Stones & Crystals

Healing stones, crystals, & metals lovingly put together by ChiEvs for
beautiful, one-of-a-kind accessories and gifts.

Eva of ChiEvs

ChiEvs designer and owner Eva Pauline Marie Lizares Si Coruna is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the Association of Negros Producers. Simply dressed and without make-up, the artist is hard to identify until you listen to her explain the metaphysical properties of the stones and crystals that she uses for each piece. 

 Eva and  her two treasures. Below, Eva's grandmother Aida Servando Lizares


Eva grew up in a family in which arts and crafts were part of life. Her mother Andrea and father Manuel met in the College of Architecture and while the children were growing-up, both parents made drawing and composing with colors, shapes, and textures seem as easy to do as writing.

Andrea's mother, Aida Servando Lizares, was a natural artist who introduced her children to different kinds of crafts - embroidery, crochet, quilting,sewing, papier mache, paper flowers, decoupage, baking, macrame, mosaics, wood carving, printing, stenciling, beading - whatever there was that could be learned from a book or from a crafts class or from another person. To a lesser extent, Andrea did the same for her children, instilling in them the idea that they are capable of creating truly beautiful and worthwhile things with their hands and it is extremely satisfying to do so.

Aside from do-it-yourself artistic skills, Eva also inherited entrepreneurship from Lola Aida, whose family owned Servando's Department Store. In its time Servando's was "Bacolod's Finest Department Store with 26 Departments to Serve You."  Well known for the quality of its merchandise, Servando's was where the rich and famous of one of the couyntry's wealthiest provinces shopped for their clothes, watches, jewelry, bags, shoes, accessories, make-up, perfumes, linens, glassware, etc., Long before ChiEvs appeared as a producer in the ANP Showroom, loyal customers already knew the ChiEvs line of pearl or crystal necklaces, bracelets, and accessories.



ChiEvs has been a regular participant at the Negros Trade Fair and other Trade Fairs and Bazaars in Metro Manila.  With her in the picture taken during the 2011 Tradefair are L-R, sister Sarah of Masaste Art Collection, Ena Marquez Lizares of L & M garments, and screen heartthrob Derek Ramsay


About a decade after she sold her first necklaces and bracelets in the family department store, Servando's customers have followed ChiEvs to the ANP (Association of Negros Producers) Showroom in Robinsons City Walk and in the main Showroom in front of the Provincial Capitol Lagoon. Younger than almost all of the producers of jewelry and accessories in the ANP, Eva is doing so well with her designs and carefully selected stones and crystals that ChiEvs is one of the Showroom's top sellers although Eva's line of jewelry and accessories are among the highest priced in the Showroom.


 Eva is seated beside her mother in this family picture taken during Eva's 18th birthday. Notice how the girls might have earrings and rings but jewelry/accessories are not a very big part of their appearance.


"You can see the quality of the materials that I use, Mom," Eva would say to defend her prices. Mom is Eva's toughest critic and Eva wishes mom would appreciate, buy, and wear ChiEvs as often as do the Titas. Andrea's sisters and sisters-in-law, Tita Diots (Ofelia Servando) Lola Aida's sister and the one most responsible for the quality of merchandise Servando's was famous for, are frequent customers and are often seen wearing ChiEvs pieces.  Mom compromises by wearing a bracelet of stone and swarovski crystals, more to advertise ChiEvs than for any other reason.

What Mom does best she does for Eva, however.There's this website and its contents, researching on designs and suppliers, looking at how ChiEvs can exlarge its market, of course help with what parents are usually good at, soft loans. Mom believes ChiEvs will do well in Amazon. That indeed is a dream worth working on. 

Eva designs and puts together almost all of the pieces that she sells under her ChiEvs name. Sometimes, she is assisted by sisters Josephine (Cakes by Nini) and Michelle, who is into photography more than into anything else. Mom helps with her suggestions once in a while but usually, her role is to say which of Eva's designs she likes and which she thinks are funny or weird (in other words probably need to be redesigned).   

This beauty is unquestionably one of Eva's and her mother's favorite pieces. 


Eva sells in the Showroom and in Negros Trade Fairs together with sister Sarah of Masaste Art Collection. There are many ways in which Sarah exhibits the younger-sister-following-older-sister syndrome and this has led to many a conflict between the two. Happily for both, Sarah is finding her niche with hand sculpted polymer clay, something she is very good at.

The pieces pictured in this website are representative of Eva's creations only. They may no longer be available although similar ones may be on stock or may be made to order depending on the availability of materials. Eva accepts commissions for pieces created according to the buyer's specifications or which she designs with the user's preferences and needs in mind. She also accepts orders for wedding and party give-aways. Send her a message through facebook - Eva Pauline Marie Lizares Si Coruna or through